5/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

Learn the Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention Protocol in a 2-day hands-on intensive workshop

Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Intervention

May 1-2, 2020


Conference host:

Conference Location:

Burzynski Clinic Conference Center 9432 Katy Frwy, 3rd floor

Houston, TX 77055


William P. Hobby Airport - HOU

Approx. 30 minutes from the Burzynski Clinic


PDQ and Newks are within walking distance of the Burzynski Clinic Conference Center. There are multiple other quick options within a short drive.

Host Recommends Hotels:

Due to frequent rate changes, please call hotel to inquire about current rates.

Four Points Sheraton CityCentre (281) 501-4600

10655 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024

Approx. 3.5 miles from conference location

Holiday Inn Express (713) 688-2800

7625 Katy Kwy, Houston, TX 77024

Approx. 7 minutes from conference location


Free parking is at the front of the building or parking garage in back.


Bring a sweater or light jacket just in case you find the conference room is chilly. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Helpful Tips:

You will be working with the fragile tissues of the oral area. For safety reasons, therapeutic nail length is a must.

A small free-standing mirror or hand-held mirror is great for the hands-on exercises.

This course is not approved for partial credit. Participants must attend the course in its entirety to receive continuing education units.

Cancellation Policy: Beckman & Associates, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any course at any time. Beckman & Associates, Inc. is not responsible for any expenses incurred by registrants i.e. non-refundable travel arrangements. There is a $30 processing fee for any cancellation 15 days or more prior to the conference date. No refunds will be given for cancellations within 14 days of the conference date

Special Needs Requests: If you require special accommodations, please notify Beckman & Associates at the time of registration so that needed accommodations can be made prior to the course.

Course Overview

This is a two-day, hands-on intensive workshop. Participants will learn compensatory hands-on techniques for tonic bite, slow oral transit, tongue thrust, and gag. The participants will practice over 50 specific intervention strategies for improving facial muscle function for eating and speech. Additional topics of discussion may include: goal writing, diet texture progression, tube to oral issues, adaptive mealtime utensils, oral hygiene issues, medication administration issues, oral function for individuals with trachs, facilitating improved articulation through oral motor techniques, research issues, videofluroscopy issues for motorically involved individuals, and additional topics of importance as determined by the participants.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion Participants will be able to:

1) Demonstrate assessment battery for determining orofacial movement patterns using the Beckman protocol.

2) Demonstrate compensatory handling techniques.

3) Demonstrate oral motor interventions and

treatment techniques.

4) Recognize how to screen for potential referral candidates.

5) Identify the results of the techniques discussed.


You will be working with the fragile tissues of the oral area; for safety reasons, therapeutic nail length is a must. Attendees are asked to bring a large handheld mirror. A DVD of a case study is welcomed for discussion.

This program is offered for 1.6 ASHA CEUs

(Intermediate level; Professional area).

This program is offered for 1.6 AOTA CEUs (Intermediate level; Performance Skills).

Approved assignment of 1.6 CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, specific products or clinical procedures by AOTA.

Day One  
8:00am-10:00am Course Overview, Mealtime Myths, Neuroanatomy, Impact of Sensory System, Impact of Gravity on Function, Oral Patterns
10:00am-10:15am Break (refreshments provided)
10:15am-12:00am Case Studies-Mealtime Job Aides—Position, Texture, Temperature, Consistency, Utensils
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm-3:00pm Compensatory Techniques—Tonic Bite, Coughing, Gagging/Vomiting (hands on practice)
3:00pm-3:15pm Break (refreshments provided)
3:15pm-4:15pm Loss of Food/Fluid, Delayed Oral Transit
4:15pm-5:30pm Assessment & Intervention Videos—Infant and Adult
Day Two  
8:00am-10:00am Assessment & Intervention Techniques for Oral Structures-Lips, Gums, Tongue (hands on practice)
10:00am-10:15am Break (refreshments provided)
10:15am-12:00pm Assessment & Intervention Techniques—Cheeks, Jaw (hands on practice)
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm-3:00pm Assessment & Intervention Techniques—Tongue, Hard Palette, Soft Palette (hands on practice)
3:00pm-3:15pm Break (refreshments provided)
3:15pm-4:00pm Continued Assessment & Intervention Techniques and Documentation (hands on practice)
4:00pm-5:30pm Home program, Maintenance, Tube to Oral Transition, Discussion, Post Test

Registration Fee

$450 – Group or Individual Early Registration: Per person rate. 30 days or more in advance.

$475 – Group Registration: Per person rate. Two (2) or more therapists from the same facility registering at the same time on the same check, money order, or credit card, less than 30 days in advance.

$500 – Standard Registration: One (1) therapist registering less than 30 days in advance.

This presentation will focus exclusively on Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention and will not include information on other similar or related services.

Instructor Disclosure: Debra Beckman is the President of Beckman & Associates, Inc. Financial- Debra Beckman receives salary from Beckman & Associates. Non-Financial-There are no nonfinancial relationships between Debra Beckman and Beckman & Associates.

How do I register?

By phone: Call (407) 590-4852 or fax a completed registration form to (407) 647-6415

By Email: Email the requested information to info@beckmanoralmotor.com

On Line: Visit www.beckmanoralmotor.com