Therapeutic Evaluation and Treatment of Toe Walking

(Pediatric Equinus Gait)

Course Description:

This course will teach clinicians to develop interventions based on etiologies to produce successful long term outcomes. Through an organized evaluation procedure, specific data will be used to direct the clinician to potential etiologies. Causes and appropriate intervention strategies are identified in order to utilize a systematic approach to developing an effective treatment plan. This course challenges the clinician to ask the correct questions in order to form a systematic approach to treating the child who "toe walks." As requested by previous participants.

This course will take place on August 2nd and 3rd. If you are interested in attending please contact Daisy Enriquez at or by calling (713) 774-5437

Course Objectives:

  • - Identify specific etiologies relevant to pediatric equinus gait.
  • - Discuss etiology-specific & age-appropriate assessment & management strategies for this population.
  • - Apply effective examination, evaluation, intervention and treatment strategies to toe walking in the pediatric population.
  • - Design an effective & individualized treatment plan for the pediatric patient.
  • - Explain the future consequences of incorrect intervention.


Course Pricing:

$350 if you sign up before July 15th

$450 after July 15th

$250 for employees of KDT/KDC


What others are saying:

"Thank you! What a rich, full class. This course can have application on Monday, as well as with a variety of patients. The ideas discussed could be applied to many more patients than just those with toe walking. Enough complexity to engage those with many years of experience, yet simple and easy to follow for those who are new to pediatrics. Liesa is open to questions, direct and honest in what she shares, and if it is her opinion, her experience, and/or confirmed by research. This course came highly recommended by a colleague, and I will be recommending this course to others." - E. Salameh, PT

"Outstanding course! Changed how I think about and treat this population. Very clinically relevant and useful." - A. Conklin, PT

"Liesa was engaging all three days and provided a high amount of useful info that could be immediately implemented in the clinic."

"Excellent, practical and realistic approach to treatment of a wide variety of toe walkers. Liesa is a dynamic speaker who has the ability to captivate attention and promote active learning through lecture and lab. Thank you for putting the pieces of the puzzle together." N. Falcone, PT